It's a sticky, hot summer on the fictional island of Crawley, South Carolina. Step-sisters Wanda and Daisy struggle to get by as the people they love disappear; Wanda’s mother has recently died, and Daisy’s father is fading away as his mysterious illness worsens, and an obsession with the impending rapture intensifies. The girls try and repair their fractured relationship, and find a little light.  A magical story about how we hold onto family, the past, and ourselves while we seek better lives, and wait patiently as the Great Rapture hails us--or doesn’t.


Landing Theatre Company & Obsidian Theatre, Co-Production, May 2018-June 2018
Directed by: David Rainey
Starring: Avery Padilla, Tom Stell, Stevie Michelle Aycock, Kathleen Teodoro
Lighting Design: Adeline Pawlick
Sound Design: Afsaneh Aayani
Costume Design: Krystal Uchem
Stage Manager: John Peeples and Elizabeth Nguyen
Photos by: Ryan Primm

Available Light’s Next Stage Initiative, Workshop, January 2016
Directed by: Jennifer Schlueter
Starring: Damian Bowerman, Amanda Loch, Sue Wismar, and Cassidy Slaughter-Mason
Scenic Design: Brad Steinmetz
Lighting Design: Carrie Cox
Production Manager: Sheree Greco

Cassidy Slaughter-Mason as "Daisy" in Available Light Theatre's Workshop Production

Cassidy Slaughter-Mason as "Daisy" in Available Light Theatre's Workshop Production

Exquisite Corpse Company's Summer Residency on Governor's Island, June 2016
Directed by: Ran Xia
Starring: Kayla Catan, Dan DeCarlo, McKenna DuBose, Camara McLaughlin
Original Music by: Adrian Bridges
Scenic & Lighting Design by: Ran Xia

Kayla Catan, McKenna DuBose, Camara McLaughlin, Dan DeCarlo and Adrian Bridges in Exquisite Corpse's Production on Governor's Island, photos by Ran Xia

Exquisite Corpse Company's Drinks & Drama Reading Series at Isa Bar in Brooklyn, June 2015
Directed by: Tara Elliot
Starring: Dana Steinhoff, Stephan Godleski, Sarah Matusek, and Carlos Guillermo Gomez Marquez

Sarah Matusek, Stephan Godleski, Carlos Guillermo Gomez Marquez, and Dana Steinhoff in Exquisite Corpse Company's Drinks & Drama at Isa Bar

Foundry Theatre Chicago, Reading, November 2015
Directed by: Heinrich Haley
Starring: Cassidy Slaughter-Mason, Anthony Venturini, Abby Pierce and Maria Margaglione

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